ITNews: Professor Applies Game Dynamics in the Classroom. Suggests Possibility Business Application.

Our Summary: Lee Sheldon of the Indiana University introduced game dynamics into his class.  The article doesn’t provide a lot of details on the outcomes, but suggests improved performance and applicability to business environments.

Employers: Look to gaming to motivate staff
By Liz Tay on Mar 18, 2010

Gamer rewards could boost employee engagement.

Clearly defined goals and fair, incremental rewards are two game design techniques that could motivate the ‘gamer generation’ in the workforce, according to a US academic.

Lee Sheldon of the Indiana University believes managers may have to rethink how they engage the next generation entering the mainstream workforce.

“As the gamer generation moves into the mainstream workforce, they are willing and eager to apply the culture and learning techniques they bring with them from games,” said Sheldon, a gamer, game designer and assistant professor at the university’s department of telecommunications.

“It will be up to management, often of pre-gamer generations, to figure out how to educate themselves to the gamer culture, and how to speak to it most effectively,” he told iTnews.

Last year, Sheldon replaced the traditional grading system in two of his game design classes with a system that was based on experience points (XP), which were typically used to track progress in role-playing games.

‘Best Employers’ were said to have highly engaged employees who were well aligned with the company’s goals, committed leaders, clear agreements with staff, and a high-performance culture.

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