HBR: Crowdsource performance reviews give more comprehensive views on performance

Our Summery: On-going reviews provide real-time insights into employee performance and set expectations for desired outcomes.  The collective intelligence of the enterprise widens points of inputs and the positive peer recognitions are sources of inspiration for teams.

Crowdsource Your Performance Reviews

by Eric Mosley
Originally Published on 6/15/2012

Forty-five percent of human resources (HR) leaders don’t think annual performance reviews are an accurate appraisal for employees’ work. And 42 percent don’t think employees are rewarded fairly for their job performance. Continue reading

Forbes: The Sleepy Little HR Software Market is on Fire

Our summary: while this article is several months old, it discusses how the HR market is heating up as companies are upgrading their Talent Management infrastructure.  We are in the right market. 🙂

The Sleepy Little HR Software Market Is On Fire

by Josh Bersin
Originally Published on 2/09/2012

There is a sleepy old enterprise software market for HR systems which is on fire. Within the last 60 days, SAP acquired SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion (nearly 10X revenues) and Oracle just acquired Taleo (leading software provider for corporate recruiting) for $1.9 billion (around 5.3X revenues).

There are three huge trends taking place. Continue reading

WSJ Covers January Employment Dynamics

Our summary: This is a little old, but still quite interesting.  The overall trend is that the market is improving, but job growth is limited.  In January, small business accounted for 95,000 jobs out of 170,000 jobs created in the private sector and small businesses need to have better cash positions to be able to hire.  FairSetup should be able to help such businesses.

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